Dressing vs. Stuffing

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November 29, 2012 by Allanah M. Cormier

I have a bone to pick.

It’s about you mainlanders and your stuffing.

You see, us Newfoundlanders have a superior way to stuff a chicken or turkey: it’s called dressing and it’s also excellent on top on fries in a traditional dish aptly titled Chips Dressing n’ Gravy.

Whereas ours has about four ingredients (bread, savory, salt and pepper)your stuffing comes in all varieties with nuts, onions, apricots and cranberries thrown in for no-good reason.

To overcomplicate things you people throw in roasted red peppers, pancetta, prunes, apples or raisins, chicken stock and eggs.


I have one question. Why?

Why make the best dish in the world worse? Why?

Someone please tell me why!

Traditional Newfie Dressing 

Bread crumbs



Pepper (optional)

In a bowl mix all the ingredients, adding extra salt and savory to taste

Bake inside a poultry bird

Eat and enjoy




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